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Spittle bitty star

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SOOOOOOO... Inevitably you knew that I would fall behind and it has happened already. AHHH! By the way Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies. I had a wonderful morning I awoke with my baby girl smiling at me as she spit, waved her arms and talked to me, I felt as if I could keep doing this mommy gig for another couple of years. When Scott and Xander woke up they brought me a muffin and card to my bed. I also recieved a rose bush which is a good faith gesture by my husband since I always kill our plants inadvertently and a large balloon. Scott in his wonderful way bought me three cards since they all expressed different things and no one card said what he wanted to say. HOW I LOVE THAT MAN.
Updates....Xander has been battling a virus for the last week. My little guy is a pile of sick little boy instead of his super ball of energy. The Doc said it's just a virus, so we wait push the fluids and hope that his bounce is back soon.

Inara is great! She is as smiley as ever, and getting chubbier by the day. She is very interested in her fingers and toes. She also loves it when her brother talks to her and plays with her. In the past day she has also discovered the dog and so if the dog moves, barks or licks her those baby blues pop open and she smiles.

Scott is getting back into the swing of things at work after a month long traveling and exercise (military) spree. The command will officially change in June and our good friend Major Steve Brewer will be leaving us. It's sad but rather normal for military life and so we will miss him but have another friend to visit on the east coast.

Me, well I'm me. I have my good days and my duct tape the kids to the wall days. I haven't gotten much done with Xander being sick. He needs lots of cuddles when he is sick and Inara just needs cuddles. But that is the good part of being a mommy so I go with it. I am making baby carriers for the people at work who had babies and I found a fabulous sewing machine at a garage sale.
I have had trouble uploading pictures to the blog but I will press forward. There are a bunch from Easter and Xanders birthday.