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So I guess it's time to put something on here, although I still haven't finished our vacation posting. I still want to do that but for now I thought I should write a quick update. We are all officially in Mn now. Scott has started his new job and our house is sold. We feel incredibly blessed as to how smooth everything has fallen into place. Scott was officially transfered at the beginning of July so that I could get moved here and settled with the new doctor's before I got too far along. My parents graciously have opened their home to us and my sister and mom have been such a big help with the kids as I go to doctors appointments and become increasingly too big to do much. Our house sold in a market that wasn't moving and they were able to close quickly. Scott and I were so grateful to our friends, family and the people from our church that showed up to help us unload the moving truck into the storage unit it made short work of a long process for us. It's been a fast and furious change for us and there has seemed so much to do but I think we might have a handle on it all before Xander starts school next week and the twins show up. Granted they can show up at anytime. I am officially in my last month and they are estimating that they weigh 6 and 7 pounds. Max is would seem is bigger but we will see if that is accurate when they arrive. We miss our friends dearly in Wisconsin and look forward to seeing them at some point in the future. We are excited to be here in Minnesota and look forward to being able to visit with all the dear people that we left behind 4 years ago. We feel so blessed by the lord to have wonderful and dear people to share our lives in no matter where we go and that includes our family far away. I wish we could have all the people we love in one place near us but I know that no matter how far or close we are good relationships last. Much love to you all.