Mama settle down

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So the funny thing that happened last week was I was getting frazzled and my dear sweet husband tells me to take a deep breath and calm down. This was overheard by Xander who now tells me to settle down when I am talking a little too adamently. He also told me I was talking crazy the other day which made me laugh so hard I cried. Scott had decided to play flag football with his cracked rib and called to tell me that was the plan for that evening. He plays regularly on Tuesday evenings with some friends in a city league. It's a good time for all Xander and I cheer him on and Inara eats grass so we are happy campers. I was pretty much telling Scott in no certain terms would he be playing when Xander grabs the phone informs his daddy that mommy is mad with him and talking crazy! He then chastizes me and tells me to be nice to his daddy. The funny things my babies do. Inara now thinks it is great fun to play in the dogs water and eat any scrap of paper she can get her hands on! They do keep us busy!

baby wearung daddy

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So this is my contribution to the blog since Scott is now the editor. I belong to a group called NINO that supports babywearing. Meaning I try to have as much contact with our babies while still getting things done by wearing them on my body in a variety of ways. Now Scott calls it my propaganda since I love to spread the word about babywearing. But since he is such a good husband he supports me in my parenting choice and wears the babies too. I think this is my favorite set of pictures of him and inara at the state fair. She loves to play with his ears and she loves to be worn. Ohhh and that is my current favorite wrap called a gypsymama. That's all for now!

Visit to G'ma Sweetie and Papa Jim's

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A Trip to Visit G'ma Sweetie and Papa Jim......The kids love thier Granparents...

The Kids become Harley Dudes and Dudettes....Xander even gets a cart ride..

A Fair-ey Fair-ey great State of Affairs

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Hello All, this is my (Scott's) first foray into the Hawks' Family Bare with me... We just got back from our annual trip to the state fair with Tara's side of the family.

It was great fun. Xander and Inara had an oppotunity to try all kinds of exotic fried goods, and mom and dad got to wear in thier shoes a bit more. Xander and Scott had our typical State Fair Mohawks in sporting style, along with Uncle Bubba and Cousin Coda. We also got the chance to visit the Koudelkas and thier newest addition Julia. very nice.... Now we ae home and tired trying to recover and get moved back in here in WI.

8-14-2006 Out of order post

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I am so sorry this has lapsed again! So much going on with 2 kiddos, a busy husband and the lovable but mischevious gaia dog. She is into eating diapers now, can we say disgusting and lots of work for me. I thought I should introduce Inara Girl . As some may know at the end of 2004 I found myself pregnant. Due to the immense stress of the holidays(which always stress me out but that is another post) moving to WI, having my husband home after six months of living apart and pregnant hormone fluctuations I was not as happy as I would have thought. Two weeks after we moved to Madison I went to the doctor because I was spotting only to confirm the fear that we were no longer pregnant. On our 5 year anniversary no less we lost our baby. I found myself despite my earlier feelings very distraught and sad. But we felt it was for the best, we hadn't planned on having another sunshine until we were more settled in our new home. WELLL three months later I became pregnant and with baited breath we waited to see if this time things would go well. They did and we were excited. Due to our insurance I couldn't have an ultrasound unless things went wrong so we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl. I felt sick almost the entire time but there were no large complications so we waited for our suprise baby.I was overdue again on Jan. 10 and feeling like a baby beluga whale. Our dear friends Chris and Sarah came over to cheer us up and sure enough later that night around 3 am I couldn't handle the contractions any longer. Our baby girl showed up almost 12 hours later on Jan. 14th and of course since I had been up with our company late I was going on almost no sleep. When the baby arrived amidst tears of joy I said what is it and the reply was a girl! She was so beautiful with lots of hair and a perfectly round head, not cone shaped. She has been a fabulous baby eating well from the start sleeping well and being overall just an angel. Seven months later she is thriving and I can't believe that we ever didn't have her here with us. The first three months went by so fast as she woke up and became alert to the world. Xander has loved her from the start and we feel so blessed that he is such a good big brother. She growls and grunts like a little bear it's so cute. Around four to five months she worked on rolling over and by six she was scooting. Officially now she crawls really well and really fast. She even pulls herself up to standing now. I call her the destroyer because she is into everything and loves to eat paper! My children come equipped with my contact improvisational skills. They roll around on the floor like puppies together and although I am worried someone is going to get hurt so far noone has. Besides they both are laughing and squeelign its so much fun. Daddy and Xander have written a little song for her that they like to sing and she knows it's her song. It's called Inara girl and if you see them aske Xander to sing it for you. She is also our princess and our Bean. It's been such a joy to have her in our life and we are so thankful for our princess.
You can check out her 6 month pictures at click on my portraits the last name is hawks and the password is hawks.
hugs to all

3-8-2006 Out of Order Post

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If you are reading this most likely you are a friend of a family member. That being said there are both friends and family that either we have never met or have not talked to in a long time. So I thought I would post some of the facts about us that will fill in the blanks for people.
I am 28 soon to be 29 Scott turned 31 in December and my birthday is in April. I am an Aires and as a funny side note Scott has dated a lot of Aries women. As a general rule I am rather stubborn and strongly opinionated, I like to think of it as passionate. We were married in 2000 after having known each other a total of four and a half months and having dated for about a whole thirty seconds or two weeks, before getting engaged. We met in a production of Stoppards Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead in which I played Ophelia and Scott was one of the Players. The first time I met Scott was at the call back audition and I sat down and started to talk to some of the people there. I was immediatley attracted to him. However a blonde woman came in and she knew Scott from college and he turned his attention to her. I was a bit put off but still I was thrilled when I found him at the first read through in which we tried to sit together he was attracted to my hands and I was annoyed that someone sat between us on the couch. Skip ahead a few weeks I thought my future husband was gay, a common misconception becuase all the gay men hit on him and he didn't freak out. Logical conclusion on my part was he was either of the mo persuasion or he was a coming and going guy. It turns out my husband just happens to be a very kind and friendly man who wouldn't be rude to anyone of any persuasion. This actually made it easier for us in the long run becuase we became friends and I could talk to him very easily becuase in my mind I didn't have to wonder if we could or would date. Needless to say I thought he was great and I could talk to him about anything so it came as a mack ton truck suprise when after the show started it's run he asked me out and I realized that I thought he was the cutest, funniest, sexiest and smartest guy I had ever met. Add the fact that we were good friends and a bit of moonlight you get falling in love and feeling like your walking on air. We were set to get married in Feb. but jumped the gun and eloped in January. I figured I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him so why not start sooner than later. We still had the wedding and it was lots of fun but I felt like being married to this man was more important than the act of getting married. I didn't need a fairy tale wedding to feel like a princess he made me feel like that all the time. Six years, two kids, one move, three dogs, and lots of things in between and I still feel like I did the first night he kissed me. I never want to leave his side. Having said that the funny thing is with Scott's job, which deserves a blog entery of it's own, has caused us to spend almost an entire year of our lives living in different states. It means that at any time of night or day he may be required to leave me without telling me where he is going or when he is returning. With a chance that if something goes wrong horribly wrong he won't be coming back. Scott's job is a huge part of who we are and what we believe in. It is committment that we made together and it is part of why I love him so dearly. He believes in freedom, that we should be free to make our own choices even if he doesn't agree with them. He believes in a greater good in the world and in helping others.

3-7-2006 Out of order post

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Hopefully you are having a great day! In an effort to keep our friends and family connected I have decided to start this blog. Truthfully I have been meaning to do this for a few months but with the excitement of christmas and the expansion of our family I just didn't get it done. I will post things regularly about each of our family members as well as other fun and interesting things about us. Check frequently for new pictures and thoughts, although most of the posts will be by me since Scott has a busy schedule. Well that is all for now!
Smile life is good,