8-14-2006 Out of order post

Posted by T

I am so sorry this has lapsed again! So much going on with 2 kiddos, a busy husband and the lovable but mischevious gaia dog. She is into eating diapers now, can we say disgusting and lots of work for me. I thought I should introduce Inara Girl . As some may know at the end of 2004 I found myself pregnant. Due to the immense stress of the holidays(which always stress me out but that is another post) moving to WI, having my husband home after six months of living apart and pregnant hormone fluctuations I was not as happy as I would have thought. Two weeks after we moved to Madison I went to the doctor because I was spotting only to confirm the fear that we were no longer pregnant. On our 5 year anniversary no less we lost our baby. I found myself despite my earlier feelings very distraught and sad. But we felt it was for the best, we hadn't planned on having another sunshine until we were more settled in our new home. WELLL three months later I became pregnant and with baited breath we waited to see if this time things would go well. They did and we were excited. Due to our insurance I couldn't have an ultrasound unless things went wrong so we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl. I felt sick almost the entire time but there were no large complications so we waited for our suprise baby.I was overdue again on Jan. 10 and feeling like a baby beluga whale. Our dear friends Chris and Sarah came over to cheer us up and sure enough later that night around 3 am I couldn't handle the contractions any longer. Our baby girl showed up almost 12 hours later on Jan. 14th and of course since I had been up with our company late I was going on almost no sleep. When the baby arrived amidst tears of joy I said what is it and the reply was a girl! She was so beautiful with lots of hair and a perfectly round head, not cone shaped. She has been a fabulous baby eating well from the start sleeping well and being overall just an angel. Seven months later she is thriving and I can't believe that we ever didn't have her here with us. The first three months went by so fast as she woke up and became alert to the world. Xander has loved her from the start and we feel so blessed that he is such a good big brother. She growls and grunts like a little bear it's so cute. Around four to five months she worked on rolling over and by six she was scooting. Officially now she crawls really well and really fast. She even pulls herself up to standing now. I call her the destroyer because she is into everything and loves to eat paper! My children come equipped with my contact improvisational skills. They roll around on the floor like puppies together and although I am worried someone is going to get hurt so far noone has. Besides they both are laughing and squeelign its so much fun. Daddy and Xander have written a little song for her that they like to sing and she knows it's her song. It's called Inara girl and if you see them aske Xander to sing it for you. She is also our princess and our Bean. It's been such a joy to have her in our life and we are so thankful for our princess.
You can check out her 6 month pictures at flashportraits.com click on my portraits the last name is hawks and the password is hawks.
hugs to all