Mama settle down

Posted by T

So the funny thing that happened last week was I was getting frazzled and my dear sweet husband tells me to take a deep breath and calm down. This was overheard by Xander who now tells me to settle down when I am talking a little too adamently. He also told me I was talking crazy the other day which made me laugh so hard I cried. Scott had decided to play flag football with his cracked rib and called to tell me that was the plan for that evening. He plays regularly on Tuesday evenings with some friends in a city league. It's a good time for all Xander and I cheer him on and Inara eats grass so we are happy campers. I was pretty much telling Scott in no certain terms would he be playing when Xander grabs the phone informs his daddy that mommy is mad with him and talking crazy! He then chastizes me and tells me to be nice to his daddy. The funny things my babies do. Inara now thinks it is great fun to play in the dogs water and eat any scrap of paper she can get her hands on! They do keep us busy!