pain and the cure

Posted by T

Update, too much to update. Inara is into everything! She crawls so fast, pulls herself up, eats everything and is adorable doing it. Xander is into Star Wars lately and insists that everything is a light saber. It is entirely too cute when he starts singing the theme song. I have been in a lot of pain since June and after my fourth try of getting help this doctor actually figured it out! I broke and dislocated my clavicle or collar bone. So now I have started physical therapy and I am in lots of pain but I think it's helping. I was beginning to think that my perpetual state would be one of crabiness with my children as wandered through my day in a haze of pain. I am really excited to be able to do things again, physical things like run or jump or play without wanting to scream. So there you have it that is the pain and the cure.

Xander also continues to grow like a weed and I can't believe how tall he is, tonight we cut his hair and he looks so grown up. Of course he wailed the whole time because the hair was prickly and he didn't like it on his neck. Inara cried because her big brother was crying in the bathroom and she was locked out of the bathroom. Gaia whined because both babies were crying and I just about pulled out my hair. But I am so grateful that they love each other so much that if one cries the other one does as well.

Halloween was good and cute, Xander was Luke Skywalker and Inara was Darth Vader. I will write more later my hand is cramping and I am falling asleep!