Christmas Tree Disaster of 2006

Posted by T

Christmas was eventful this year. We decided to try a live tree instead of our fake one. We found a charming tree farm with real reindeer and had an awesome family day picking out our tree. Unfortunately we seemed to have lost our green thumb because our tree started to loose needles, a lot of needles. About 10 days before Christmas Inara went to touch it and the tree fell over. Thankfully not on Inara, Scott saved her but we took the tree apart then and there and rained pine needles all over our living room. So for our family Christmas before we went to MN we opened presents without a tree. Christmas itself was a little less fun because Inara and I got the stomach flu but all in all it was a good time. We love Christmas and the joy it brings to see our family and friends. The true meaning and spirit of Christmas bring us such joy that tree or no tree it was a happy holiday.