Exciting April

Posted by T

SOOOOO Xander is 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Xander. I also had a birthday but mine is anti-climactic. We spent some time in MN with our families and friends, although as always we missed some people, sorry Amy and Dana. We promise to try to see those we didn't next time. It becomes hard with so little time to fit everyone we love in to a small time frame. Especially when you have lots of family. We did some fun things like getting a new family picture which I will post here soon. Xander had lots of birthday fun. He is really into swimming and the water. So we got him a new snorkel and mask, he can actually swim without help with the snorkel and mask. We also got him this cool underwater camera to take pictures underwater and he loves it. We can't wait to take it to Florida with us. We measured him on our family wall where we mark our kids and Xander has grown 2 inches since February. He starts swimming lessons today and he is sooooo excited. Inara got her hair cut and she is just as cute as ever. She is working on her swimming too and loves the YMCA, actually we all do. More to come when the kids aren't running amuck.