End of the Year and such

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Well I have a first grader, a big tooth loosing, reading, chinese talking first grader. Alex as he is known in Wang laoshi class is a big guy of 6 who did really well for his first year. He loves his friends and is very sad school is over with. This summer we will be keeping up with Chinese studies through a chinese class with his teacher twice a week and he will be concentrating on swimming lessons with Inara down at the beach.
Inara is thrilled that her brother is around to play all day long. She is very grown up for three and recently was a princess for a day in her Uncle Jimmy's wedding. Pictures to follow.
The twins are have grown like weeds they are nine months old as of June 1st. Leo has 6 teeth and Max has no teeth. They are both crawling around like crazy and getting into everything. Max enjoys clapping for himself and Leo enjoys flirting with everyone.
Oh side note I have lost all the phone numbers in my cell phone so please call me my number has stayed the same but I have a new phone with no one's numbers in it.