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Ha! I never did another post until now. However I am inspired by Kirk and Carries blog so I am trying again. That and our newest addition Inara Isabella Hawks is here so I have lots to report. I will post pictures tonight and you can all see how much she is growing and what a cutie she is. In addition I can add a lots of information for our family and friends. One of the things I should mention is Xanders birthday is coming up and I know grandmas have been asking what to get him so I will tell you what our little boy is currently into. He still likes the Wiggles but we pretty much own every toy and video now and I am a little Wiggled out! He has moved on to Thomas the train and he loves to play with his trains. Due to Uncle Jasons gift at christmas and his fathers fabulous idea to spurr on pottty training with the gift of trains, he has a large collection. Specifically he has the take along Thomas the train, not the wooden kind but the die cast. He can always use more track. The amazing part is he knows which ones he has and which character is which despite the fact there are so many. To date he doesn't have any of the playsets like the quarry or the airport etc. We looked on the website and found that we are missing, Diesel 10, Harvey, Bill and Ben, Emily, Spencer, Bert and Arry, Culdee, chinese dragon, oil barrel car, orange barrel car, magic mining car. I'm sure I missed some but those were the ones I can verify we don't have. He also is really into Harry Potter right now. He likes to pretend a pen is a wand or a broomstick. He is so funny he insists I call him Harry and he calls me Hermione. As always we appreciate any gift he gets, it's not like he is lacking in toys or clothes. So thank you ahead of time for your generosity. The other question but a lot less fun is what do I want for my birthday since it is one week after Xanders and I know my family always looks baffled. My favorite things in life are my friends and family. Next to the time I get to spend with them. I am in love with Chiptole and Jamba Juice so GC are always welcome.I also love to shop at Sephora but Scott can't understand a fifteen dollar tube of lipstick, what can I say I like to play with cosmetics. My current obsession and I am sure I will be posting a lot more on this is babywearing. There are some beautiful baby carriers out there handmade not in major retailers that you have to buy on the internet. So funds are always welcome to further my babywearing wardrobe. Inara is a great cuddler and it is the only way to hold her and give Xander some attenttion at the same time.Gotta run this is fun so more to come!!!