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Good morning everyone! I thought I would quickly explain the title of our blog. I personally am a huge fan of cartoons. More specifically cartoons from Disney or older cartoons. As you may be familiar with Toy Story you know that Buzz lightyears phrase is " to infinity...and beyond." We are huge Toy Story fans. Both Xander and myself. Did you know that Joss Whedon creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scott's favorite show, was a writer on Toy Story. Anywho, we got to meet Buzz and Woody on our trip to disney world and it was most exciting. Xanders little eyes were huge and bright and he was so thrilled to meet the "real" Buzz and Woody. The last part of the title comes from another beloved cartoon. Finding Nemo, now if you have never seen either watch them! They are very well written with clever plots and dialogue that are witty enough for adults without being filled with cheap parlor tricks,i.e sexual or toilet humour. Dory one of the main characters explains in Nemo that what you have to do when life gets you down is just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming. This particular movie helped Xander and I get through the 6 months we lived apart from Scott during Officer Basic Course. Xander wanted to watch it everyday and I firmly believe that was becuase the entire story is about Nemo being seperated from his daddy, and his daddy looking for Nemo. Needless to say Xander could identify with Nemo since his daddy was so far away. So I guess in a nutshell you have our family philosophy in life. We look to the hope of great things and where ever life takes us we keep our chin up and just keep swimming.


Sarah said...

Hey Tara!
Great blog! Love the photo of Inara. Thanks for the heads-up that you created this site! I'm linking you to our blogspot, too. So you may have some more visitors. :)
Love you heaps, and looking forward to seeing you soon,

Chris said...


Cool blog. I love it! Great photos and I like the title. Life philosophy is a cool idea for something to share. Fun to read for me. I hope we see you guys soon!