Daddy is home

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The zoo rocks! Our trip to the Milwaukee zoo with our cousins the Khans. Vijai, Macy and baby Meela.

Harry Potter Hawks

Inara and Uncle Eli
.Check out the cool face painting from the Harry Potter Party. Lightning bolts on our foreheads just like HP.
Hiking at Devils Lake

So the big news for us is that Scott is home. He didn't end up going to school after all and so we are here with him in Sun Prairie. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. The kids just adore dad and I know how hard 5 months apart was going to be on them. The down side is that Scott will not get his masters degree in 5 short months and his World of Warcraft time he thought he was going to get to wallow in is also been cut short. We have tried to spread the word but it's been a crazy summer we have been in MN for a spell, my little brother came to visit, Scott went to West Virginia and I am trying to keep the house clean for the realtor. We are still trying to sell our condo so that by next year either here or if a job on another CST in a state we like comes open we can buy a house with a yard. If you would like to see us back in MN I am asking for petitions to the big man upstairs to help us, but in reality we are very happy in Wisconsin we have wonderful friends and we are still close to home. As you can see from the pictures we attended the Harry Potter party at Barnes and Noble and had a blast. The kids are so big I can't believe how fast they grow. Well that is all for now much love to all of you!