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I need to add a lot to the blog to catch up on the chaos that is our life. However I am really excited and want to share something new that is making some big changes in my life. I still have pain from my collarbone break and dislocation last year. Although I must admit that I have come a long way from where I was I am by no means in the physical shape I was before. I deal everyday with pain in my neck and head and I have to be careful with how much I lift or use my arm in certain positions. That is just a few of my concerns but now to why I am so happy. About a month ago my mother asked me to try this new protein/vitamin supplement shake. I was incredibly skeptical but it seemed to be doing mom good in so many areas I agreed. I took it once and have never looked back. The company is called Isagenix and they have a variety of products from a program which is giving my mom results that she has never seen in a healthy slow but effective manner, they also have vitamins both for adults and kids. Both Inara and Xander take the vitamins and after looking at the contents they kick the standard kids vitamins in the rear. I take the shake daily and it has given me so much...I have more energy and because it is protein based it lasts through out my day evening my blood sugar levels. I am much more calm and controlled, part of this is the large doses of vitamins in it. I feel like a junkie, I need my shake everyday. I am not doing the weight loss program per SE but I have lost half an inch in my waist for which I am very glad. If you have an interest in trying or asking more about the Isagenix products please ask! It has greatly improved my life and I am so happy to share any information with my family and friends. I will warn you that they have a distributor program, think pyramids but in no way am I trying to sign anybody up I am more than willing to help you get the products without the pressure or a sales pitch. In a few weeks i will be ordering single servings of the shake so if you want to try it let me know... HUGS