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So let me explain the pictures... We ran our first 5k as a family and although I came in way behind Scott and the kids I still finished which was a big deal for me I plan to keep running and cute some time off my finish next time. The really cool part was Xander ran the last 1/4 of a mile with me, Scott came back and he jumped out of the jogging stroller and took off. "Mama come on you can do it," he kept saying to me. It was a very cool experience. There is also the picture of me wrapping both of my children in my baby wrap which is pretty heavy but they both want mama. Xander as you can see loves his snorkel and the bathtub which is good because he starts swim lessons after christmas. Inara is cute and wild and has decided she is going to do everything Xander does. The last picture is of Scott. He earned the German Physical Efficiency badge which included a swim, track and field events and a very long all day ruck march. I was so proud of him he earned a gold medal. It is standard in Germany for all Officers to take this test or you don't become an officer. Halloween photos soon to come!