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Yup, this is the face of a new father. I am just kidding Scott was way more mellow when I told him that the fabulous little test that I took into the bathroom had two lines on it.

So that is my newest excuse as to why now in March I am updating for the last three months. I have been feeling like roadkill and the blog has been the last thing on my mind. I literally mean roadkill as in I have been hit by a truck and I am not getting up. I thought that since I have already been around the block two times that I would have a handle on this thing we call fertilization. Wrong! Chasing around a 5 and a 2 year old is a whole other dimension that I call the world without rest. I long for my days of taking a nap when that little ball of cells that is multiplying exponentially gets me yawning, or the ability to just eat soda crackers and avoid all other food smells was a possibility. Now I have to keep track of my two children who seem to need to eat consistently, unlike your fish that you feed once a day, and are in need of social and emotional desires. Thankfully we have passed the 12 week mark in fact this week is our 16th week. We heard the baby's heartbeat at our last appointment so indeed it is a baby and I am not just eating too many Cadbury eggs. The newest member of our family is due to arrive September 23, 2008. We are very excited and so our the kiddos. Xander kissed my belly the other day when I dropped him off at preschool so he could say good-bye to the baby. Inara is beginning to understand what a baby is. Look for my ever expanding waistline in the near future!


Mary Hamblin said...

Congrats on the news! Kingston will be so very happy to have someone his age to play with!