Exciting things in March

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This is a picture of my big grown up boy on the day of kindergarten registration. We are fortunate enough to live in the area that is in the best school for our district. Xander and I went last week to registration and met the school staff. This is the picture he made when he went with the other kids and the teachers for an hour to play and learn. He even made a new little friend named Austin. It was very exciting!Inara is getting big she is modeling her biker babe look with her Harley jacket.

Baby Kingston is here! We have been very blessed with a batch of new nephews. At the beginning of December Casey Scott's sister had Lucas Davon, whom we are eager to see but haven't had the chance since they live in Aberdeen. I am planning on getting to hold that little guy this summer. Then in January Scott's other sister Amy had Ethan Pasquale, and we haven't gotten a chance to meet him either since they live in Florida. However we are planning a trip for August to Florida and are very excited to see this handsome little guy. The pictures below are of Kingston River born on March 1st, just an hour shy of being a leap year baby. I was blessed to have jetted up to MN in time to help out. Mostly that meant trying to keep his big brother Kodi happy while mom was in the hospital. Kingston is my sister Mary's second baby boy. Unfortunately after we came home we got hit with the stomache flu for a week then the cold flu with some ear problems for two weeks so March has been a hard month. Scott spent the last week in March in Indiana which was hard since I was getting over being sick. It is time for spring! Although we did get a trip into the doctor this last week while dad was gone despite us all being well. Inara shoved playdough up her nose. Yup, it's finally happened a foreign object lodged in my kids nose. By the time the doctor got around to seeing us she had snorted it up so far she had ended up swallowing it. I would say we are done with the clinic for a good long while but I have a baby doctor appointment this week. We are getting to know the receptionist really well.


Janet said...

fun to see pics of you, scott and the kids! congratulations on your pregnancy! so exciting! hope all is well in wi! janet theriault

Mary Hamblin said...

I can't believe that Xander will be going to school this fall. It just seems like yesterday that he was the first one to be born in our family and his Auntie was holding him, and giving his mom sometime for her to catch up on her sleep in the morning before I went to work.
Kodi is very excited for Inara to wear her jacket and be just like him. Kingston is very excited to have met his other family and can't wait to see you guys again.
Love you guys lots ~Mimi

Sarah said...

Congratulations! Wow. We are excited to meet the new little Hawks baby cooking in your belly. Thanks so much for the update.
We love you guys!
Sarah for Chris & Jack, too :)

Erin Leigh said...

Tara!!Its Erin LeSueur Seibel. I just stumbled upon your blog. I have one too sillylittlehappythoughts.blogspot.com. Let's keep in touch!